There are likely a lot of businesses in your local community and it’s possible that there are businesses just like yours – you might not be the only fitness class in town or the only juice bar. Social media gives you the unique opportunity to really stand apart from your competition. By simply taking advantage of the tools right in front of you, you’re already ahead of the curve. But it isn’t enough to simply be logged onto social media; you also need to be present and have a clear, distinct voice.

Here are 6 easy ways to make sure you stand out in your local community:

  1. Create Live Facebook Videos

    Live video is the highest prioritized type of content on Facebook and is sure to garner higher organic reach than any other type of content. There are too many businesses not taking advantage of this feature, so stay ahead of the curve and make it a priority in your business to integrate them into your strategy.  
  2. Create Conversations

    If you want to stand out, you’ll need to be known. In order to be known, you’re going to need to start conversations with your community. Ask them questions, appeal to their interests, and participate in fun icebreaker type games in order to get people talking. When they’re talking to you, they’re not talking to your competition. The longer you have their attention, the more they come to like you and trust you, almost guaranteeing your ability to make a sale later on down the line.  
  3. Work Together

    Are there other (non-competitive) like-minded businesses in your local community that you could partner with or collaborate in some way to bring both of your clients and customers more value? Find them, make friends with them, and work together. Make it known that you are working together publicly on social media.  
  4. Share Your Story

    Every business knows how to say “Buy our services” in their own language, but no other business has the story that you have. No other business can tell YOUR story or the story of your employees or customers. These stories connect us as people and when you tell them, you create a bond and a relationship that can last forever. Again, if I know you, I like you and then I can trust you enough to buy from you. Being vulnerable is one way to show your customers that you care.  
  5. Lead With Your Heart

    Wear your passion on your sleeve! Share WHY your business is so important to you and WHY you want to make an impact and HOW your business can do that. If you are truly passionate about what your business can do to change someone’s life, they will feel that inherently. You won’t have to try so hard to prove it when you lead with your heart.  
  6. Make Customer Service a Way of Life

    In the modern age, customer service doesn’t just happen on the phone or when you’ve done something wrong. You have the opportunity to service your customers everyday on social media by responding to their comments and their private messages. Do not let this small detail fall to the wayside. Checking in for notifications, messages, and opportunities to delight and educate everyday is a great way to stand apart from your competition and show that you are the best choice for consumers.
Which of these tips are you going to implement today?