Burn Boot Camp Bethel Park

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A Case Study: Burn Boot Camp Bethel Park, PA

How Burn Media Co. Took The Stress Of Consistent Digital Marketing and Advertising Off The Table For Burn Boot Camp Bethel Park So They Could Focus On Serving The People Who Walked Through Their Doors

Burn Boot Camp Bethel Park was a successful location prior to partnering up with Burn Media Co. In fact, they were standing strong with 282 clients. But, Lauren and her team knew they could impact more lives in their community, which would in turn, change their lives, too!

Lauren said, “We were overwhelmed by how much time, money + effort it took to do all that was needed to get people in our doors. We knew we could close them once they stepped foot in the gym, but getting people in was where we struggled.”

After chatting with the Burn Media Co. team at Summit in 2018, Lauren felt ready to invest in marketing and advertising and decided to move forward with a monthly partnership. This would be the first time that Lauren would consistently spend advertising dollars to drive results for her business.

Fast forward to today, Burn Boot Camp Bethel Park is killing it with over 400 people working out in their gym! Whether it’s a big promo time, like Raise The Bar and Commit2Fit, or a year-round push to drive new clients, Burn Media Co. is working behind the scenes to optimize the great work that the Bethel Park team is doing.

Lauren expressed, “Our gym is growing – in such a good way! Clients are happy and trials are rolling in on a regular basis! Our constant social media presence and ad spend is on point and we know that this is greatly impacted by the tremendous work that BMCo has done for us.”

Along with the overarching objective to increase Burn Boot Camp Bethel Park’s membership base was a set of goals that included:

1. Garnering more traffic to Bethel Park’s squeeze page 

2. Boosting engagement on social channels

3. Increasing the number of trials each month

4. Reducing the cost of accquiring new clients