5 Ways To Use Social Media Video Marketing

May 6, 2020

Instead of us explaining why video marketing continues to be important in today’s world, here are some stats that speak for themselves:

You get the idea: videos work, and if you’re not currently utilizing them in your business, now is the time to start.

What is social video marketing?

“Social video marketing” might sound like a complicated idea, but it simply means to deliver your brand or business messaging in a video on a social media platform—the most popular ones including Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, or Twitter. 

Have you recently watched a live concert streamed on Instagram? That’s social video marketing. Or maybe you saw a Facebook video from your favorite coffee shop demonstrating how to make perfectly-brewed iced coffee from home. Social video marketing can be anything from an organic social post to a YouTube ad or a cover video on Facebook.

If you have not yet leaned into social video marketing or if the idea of incorporating videos into your greater social media strategy feels daunting, here are five ways you can begin using them as soon as today:

  1. Use video to start a conversation

While social media is excellent for promoting all the products and services your business offers, the purpose of building an organic social media presence comes down to one main thing: starting a conversation. You want to create an open forum on which to actually talk to your consumers. Enter: video!

Video is a great way to communicate with your audience. In fact, it’s often the next best thing to sitting down and having a conversation with them in person. Do you want to ask consumers a question or prompt them to take action in some way? Try using video to convey the message. 

For example, Burn Boot Camp’s location in Bethel Park, Pennsylvania used video to nominate their members for a fitness challenge, resulting in increased follower engagement and a spike in comments.


  1. Share a tutorial or product demonstration

Whether you run a service or product-based business, videos help showcase your audience in a more in-depth way.

If you are promoting a product line, film a demonstration or capture the product in use. This can help potential customers visualize how they’d use or set up your product, and it’s a resource you can continually repurpose for new shoppers.

If you are selling services, use video marketing as a way to add value to your followers while also highlighting your business, like sharing a helpful how-to. For example, Nailed It DIY Studio used Facebook Live to share a kid-centric story and demonstrate a craft, providing value for their audience while also showcasing their DIY services. 

  1. Host a Q&A session

Hosting a Q&A session via a social media video is an excellent way to engage directly with your audience while also providing helpful information. 

Does your business receive a lot of FAQs? Or maybe you simply want to show the human side of your brand or service? Try hosting a Q&A session on Facebook or Instagram. 

For example, podcast hosts and Burn Boot Camp founders Morgan and Devan Kline have a recurring series called “Meet the Klines” on Facebook Live where they answer audience questions and interact with their followers in real-time.

  1. Source or share customer testimonials

One of the best ways to show, not tell, the value of your business is by letting your customers speak on your behalf. Customer or consumer video testimonials are an excellent way to demonstrate your business offerings.

While they can be powerful enough to foster organic social engagement, they can also be repurposed as sales tools, featured in ads, and shared at different stages of the sales funnel.

For example, Burn Boot Camp released a series of vignettes that featured real clients sharing their experiences with the fitness franchise, allowing their clients to shine by telling their own stories.

  1. Share behind the scenes to humanize your brand

While we’re all about a well-produced video, sometimes the best thing you can do to share the human side of your brand is to flip the switch and show your audience some behind-the-scenes footage. 

Are you having a photo or video shoot for a new product? Try teasing the product with a BTS look. Do you produce podcast content from your studio? Try taking your audience on a brief studio tour on Facebook or Instagram Live. Sometimes giving your followers a look behind the curtain is one of the best ways to relate to them, human to human.

For example, our founder and personal trainer Devan Kline showed a behind-the-scenes look at the setup for live workouts he streams from his home.

Ultimately, if you’re not yet utilizing video as part of your marketing strategy, we encourage you to experiment with it and take note of the results. We’ll leave you with one more statistic: By 2022, online videos will make up more than 82% of all consumer internet traffic—15 times higher than it was in 2017. Now is the time to get ahead and adopt a social video marketing approach.

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