A Case Study: Burn Boot Camp Fort Collins

February 11, 2019

A Case Study: Burn Boot Camp Fort Collins, CO

How Burn Media Co. Partnered With Burn Boot Camp Fort Collins to get more raving fans through their doors.

Every Burn Boot Camp location is unique to the community that it’s a part of – which also means that every location comes with unique challenges + differences. In Fort Collins, Casey Sussman found that their overall community audience was a tad different from some of the examples that came before her. She knew she needed to approach things differently.

At first, Casey was hesitant to invest in additional marketing due to the variance in her membership base. We started with a shorter partnership for Commit2Fit 2018 and were able to drive 88 new faces into the gym. Despite being slightly short of our goal of 100 sign-ups, Casey saw the impact that investing in advertising was having on her business and she decided to continue working with Burn Media Co. on monthly basis.

As we approached the next big promotion, we once again were chasing after 100 signs ups for Raise the Bar. We were thrilled to wrap-up the promo with 109 total sign-ups – exceeding our goal! Casey has now signed on to work with Burn Media Co for the remainder of 2019 to help grow her membership base, manage promotions, and continue a steady stream of trials all year long.

With the inclusion of their promotional members, Fort Collins has seen a 55% growth in total membership since August 2018. They currently have over 150 promotional members attending their camps + their close rate continues to increase each month with the engagement they’re receiving both in-person and online.

Along with the overarching objective to increase Burn Boot Camp Bethel Park’s membership base was a set of goals that included:

1. Training their team on creating content + posting on social

2. Reach qualified leads in a competitive market

3. Amplify reach during promotions

4. Support their brand awareness in the Fort Collins community


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A Case Study: Burn Boot Camp Bethel Park

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