Unleashing Engagement on Social Media

July 7, 2020

Social Media Engagement: Social media engagement measures the public shares, likes, and comments for an online business’s social media efforts.

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Social media engagement is now one of the most sought after metrics for businesses’ marketing success. Social media is the fastest way for brands to communicate with their best customers, so it’s no wonder that engagement is such an important part of current marketing strategies. But why is engagement so valuable? Is all engagement good engagement? How do you boost views, likes, and comments on your posts authentically and organically? 

Let’s tackle these questions one at a time and then we’ll talk about how to make engagement work for your business. 

Why is engagement so valuable?

Social media engagement is a quick way for brands to take the temperature of their best customers. A brand is most likely to be followed by the people that most identify with that brand and ultimately are most likely to make a purchase from them. Brands have the opportunity to create a unique culture amongst their social media followers that have a feeling of community as well as exclusivity. When people start to identify with this culture they become brand advocates and often buy from the brand more often. 

Is all engagement good engagement?

NO! All engagement is not equally valuable.

Good engagement:

  • Likes
  • Long-form comments
  • Comments that start productive conversations
  • Comments that include mentions of other users
  • Shares

Bad engagement:

  • Likes
  • Comments with a single emoji
  • Comments that start arguments/controversy

How can likes be both good and bad? Simple, If they are purchased, they can be bad! There are differing opinions on the internet but I personally would never encourage purchasing engagement. While you can see short-term benefits from this tactic, it is pretty easy to spot these days and social media algorithms are very advanced. They don’t like being toyed with so it’s best not to play that game! Single heart emoji comments are also pretty worthless at this point as well. It isn’t harmful by any means but it shouldn’t be the goal of your content. As marketers and/or business owners we should be trying to get more substantial comments. The comment section can be a great place for information, discussion, and even storytelling. Be careful how you inspire conversations. Brands should steer clear of divisive topics if at all possible and stick to productive conversations.

How do you boost views, likes, and comments on your posts?

Well, the short answer is by creating compelling content. My previous post I discussed the ins and outs of the instagram algorithm and how to create quality content to rank higher and boost engagement. I’ve included the relevant section below:

How to create better content:

It all starts with understanding your follower base. Take a deep dive into the people who follow your brand. What other brands do they follow? What kind of content do they engage with? The next thing to do is have some conversations with your followers. One of the most important rules of branding is that your brand isn’t what you think it is, it’s what your consumers say it is. So by talking to your followers and getting their feedback, you can lean into their vision of your brand which is truly the only one that matters. 

Once you have an idea of your brand understood, it’s time to get down to the tactics. Remember what I said earlier “everything you post on social media should have a purpose, a target, and a desired outcome.”

Purpose: This is the why for your post. You can choose to educate your audience by giving them some sort of informational tutorial or process. You can ask a question to get feedback. You can even post with the purpose of just putting a smile on your followers’ faces.

Target: This is the specific audience you are attempting to communicate with. This could be your entire follower base or a specific subset of your followers that is the most active.

Desired outcome: What do you hope your followers will do after seeing this post? You may want them to go to your profile and click the link in your bio. You may want your audience to comment, like, or share the post for brand awareness and exposure. No matter your goal, it’s important to create your content with that specific goal in mind so that it all makes sense and flows together. 

Okay, our foundation is set, our followers are engaging, and we have created our own mini follower culture. Now, it’s time to leverage all of this hard work to get real business results. Your followers are now high-intent leads, return customers, and admirers of your brand. So give them what they want! They are here because they support your business. Add value to their lives and reward them for engaging with you by giving them exclusive offers, products, and deals. They will feel like part of a club and continue to come back for more! 





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